Now Offering Boudoir for Brides!!

Are you getting married soon? Have you considered adding a bridal boudoir session to your wedding festivities? That’s right, we’re now offering Bridal Boudoir! Tasha went down to Las Vegas for a few weeks and worked with my former mentor Michael Jones, learning how to take hot boudoir photos.

Bridal boudoir photography offers a one of a kind and thrilling way to capture your beauty and sensuality before your wedding day. Contrary to popular belief, it is not limited to those with “perfect” bodies or young women. The main aim is to present your future husband with a sexy gift.

During these sessions at The Lee’s Photography, clients are encouraged to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and confident. As an add on option to your wedding package, the bridal boudoir session is priced at $3,000.

Once the photos are taken, they will be made available in an online gallery for you to view. If desired, you can also purchase additional items. These sessions not only produce stunning and empowering photos but also enhance self confidence while offering a unique gift for your spouse to be.

So instead of feeling anxious or nervous about your bridal boudoir session, embrace it with excitement! It provides an opportunity to showcase your beauty, sensuality and confidence before the big day. Consider including a bridal boudoir session as part of your bachelorette party or simply for personal empowerment. Make sure to book your session today!

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most important things is finding the perfect wedding photographer. From capturing your engagement moments to your first look photos, there are plenty of opportunities to be in front of the camera. However, there’s one aspect that you might not have thought about; a bridal boudoir shoot. Bridal boudoir photography is an intimate and professional style where a bride poses in revealing attire. In this article, we will discuss five compelling reasons why it’s worth considering a pre wedding boudoir session.

1. Celebrate Yourself

A boudoir shoot is a great way to celebrate yourself and create amazing photographs that reflect your vivacious and incredible personality. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of your own beauty and confidence. Photographer Michael Jones suggests that these images can help reignite the flame within yourself, reminding you of just how beautiful and sexy you are. Imagine the power these images will hold years down the line, allowing you to look back and appreciate the confident and stunning person you were during this stage of your life.

“Sometimes the fire glows a little dimmer than it once did, having some great images of yourself to look back on can help reignite that flame” – Michael Jones

2. Boost Your Confidence

A boudoir shoot is an opportunity to boost your self-confidence before your wedding day. Looking back at moments when you felt sexy and beautiful will remind you that it’s not you who isn’t great, but rather the dress. It’s important to recognize that you are enough just as you are, without changing anything. Michael Jones emphasizes that a boudoir session can help you to feel more confident in your own skin. This newfound confidence will radiate on your special day, making you feel even more beautiful and poised.

“I think one of the most important reasons to do a boudoir session is for yourself.” – Michael Jones

3. Indulge in Lingerie Shopping

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming, with so many tasks and decisions to tackle. But taking a little break to go lingerie shopping can be a lovely and well deserved way to unwind. After all, you’ll want some lovely pieces for your wedding night and honeymoon. It’s the perfect chance to find lingerie that boosts your confidence and makes you feel absolutely beautiful. Whether it’s delicate lace or an alluring satin set, the right lingerie can make you feel like an absolute goddess. So why not treat yourself to some shopping and indulge in a collection of lingerie that will make you feel truly incredible?

4. A Thoughtful Gift for Your Partner

Your partner sees you at your best and worst, yet still finds you absolutely gorgeous. Bridal boudoir photos make for a unique and intimate wedding gift that your partner will cherish forever. These photos capture your beauty, confidence, and love, serving as a reminder of the incredible bond you share. Presenting your partner with a selection of tasteful and alluring images will not only make them feel special but also heighten the anticipation for your wedding day.

5. Enhance Comfort in Front of the Camera

Having a boudoir session is a personal and intimate experience that relies on trust and guidance between you and your photographer. According to Kylie Maree, these sessions allow you to establish a deeper connection with your photographer, leading to enhanced comfort on your wedding day. The level of trust you have in your photographer directly impacts the quality of the resulting images. By spending time in front of the camera during a boudoir session, you’ll become increasingly at ease and natural when posing for photographs on your special day.

“The more trust, the better your photos will be.” – Michael Jones


A bridal boudoir shoot offers an opportunity to celebrate yourself, boost your confidence, indulge in lingerie shopping, create a thoughtful gift for your partner, and enhance your comfort in front of the camera. By capturing your beauty, confidence, and sensuality, boudoir photography allows you to embrace and celebrate your unique self before walking down the aisle. So, consider adding a pre-wedding boudoir session to your wedding planning checklist and experience the empowerment and joy it can bring to your wedding journey.

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